The Opportunity of a Challenge

If G-d is here with us, taking care of us, how do we explain all the challenge and hardship so many of us face?

On the surface, the events in our lives and those around us seem to contradict the goodness of G-d and the ultimate purpose for our creation — to make this world a place where goodness is seen and felt everywhere.  Yet when we look at the inner meaning of the challenges that confront us, we can sometimes discern (more often in retrospect) that the “downs” are truly a preparation for, and part of, the “ups”.

When we confront challenges in raising and educating young children, we can draw strength from the knowledge that the challenges G-d puts in our path are truly opportunities for growth.  G-d gives each of us the ability in a particular situation to handle and overcome the challenge at hand.  Certainly we also ought to inspire children with this very message, that every challenge is an opportunity, and that whatever difficulty we may face, with commitment and effort (and love from G-d), we can rise to even greater heights.