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For twenty five years David Hordiner has worked with children and youth, families, and teachers — in private and public schools, child care centers, parenting and early intervention programs, and in the pediatric clinic at Bellevue Hospital in NY.  David holds a Triple Masters Degree from Bank Street College of Education in General and Special Education Birth-8 and in Parent Development and Early Intervention.  He is also a graduate of Swarthmore College and The Rabbinical College of America.  Currently, David is Director of Education at Tzohar Seminary, a Jewish arts integration program in Pittsburgh, PA.  David formerly served for five years as Director of the Reggio-inspired Gan Yeladim Early Childhood Center in Stamford, CT where he participated in a three-year, intensive training awarded by JECEI, the Jewish Early Childhood Education Initiative.IMG_76647907736292

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“David Hordiner brings a wealth of understanding and hands-on classroom experience to his work with other educators and administrators.  His keen sensitivity to the needs of children, families, and schools is an invaluable asset to any director looking to start a new program or to improve a pre-existing one.”

Infant and Family Development and Early Intervention Program, Bank Street Graduate School of Education

“At the heart of good teaching is deep listening and active learning. David Hordiner is a highly skillful at both, making him a master teacher. He is a strong advocate for children, families and those who work with them. With his keen mind and huge heart, David is an enormous benefit to programs who are fortunate to work with him.”

Co-founder of Voices in Education
Author, Designer, Early Childhood Consultant with emphasis on the Reggio Emilia Approach


“With every visit, David Hordiner leaves our staff with a wealth of practical advice and meaningful insights. His extensive experience, combined with his thoughtful approach, inspires our teachers to reflect upon their work with children and families, enabling them to create a more nurturing and enriching classroom environment.”

Director, Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy Preschool


“As an educator David Hordiner has an exceptional knowledge regarding young children and their families.  He is able to understand the family dynamic in a deep and meaningful manner.  An excellent communicator, David has much to share with others who work in the field of early childhood education.”

Director, Stephen Wise Free Synagogue Early Childhood Center


“David Hordiner is an innovative director and educator. He asks questions to stimulate and encourage “out of the box” thinking. After a discussion with David what was once simple and basic becomes extraordinary.”

Teacher, Gan Yeladim Early Childhood Center