Why Art?

The creative arts transform learning into a participatory, personal, and purposeful endeavor.  Students need to experience connection with their learning and each other.  Arts integration addresses that need for meaning and relationship. The arts provide students of all ages with a language to share their ideas and feelings in an experiential and joyous way.  The arts are deeply personal, and at the same time, offer inspiration and common ground to people of different perspectives and backgrounds.

The process of creating art also supports emotional well-being by enabling self-awareness, healthy expression of feelings, and by building self-esteem.  In addition, it helps educators to understand the inner landscape of each student.

Last but certainly not least, the arts refine the mind by challenging learners to reflect on their own understanding, and through grasping, synthesizing, and articulating essential concepts, to decide how best to bring those ideas to life in concrete form.  Artistic expression makes visible the unseen.