For Parents

As a married father of 7 children with over 20 years of experience collaborating with parents, David is available for consultation including:

  • routines
  • space arrangement and set up
  • discipline
  • choice of schools
  • developmental milestones

For Schools and Educators

Drawing from 25 years of hands-on experience, extensive knowledge of educational methodology, and the inspiration of timeless Jewish wisdom, David is available for:

  • on-site consultation with administrators and teachers
  • long distance consultation including e-mail, telephone, and video conferencing
  • staff development talks, workshops, and courses
  • review, editing, and development of staff and parent handbooks, procedures and protocols, and correspondence with parents
  • parent talks and panels

Early Childhood Talks and Workshops

  • The Child and The Curriculum: Understanding the Composition of the Soul to Facilitate Optimal Learning and Growth
  • Empathy, Structure, and Self-Expression: Creating an Emotionally Responsive Classroom
  • Hard to Say Goodbye, Hard to Say Hello: Supporting Families at Drop Off, Pick Up, and at the Beginning and End of the School Year
  • Addressing Challenging Behaviors: What Are Children Telling Us They Need?
  • Strengthening Home-School Connection: How Can We Connect Parents to the Classroom?
  • Teacher as Researcher: How to Make a Successful Lesson Plan and Curriculum
  • Giving and Holding Back: Understanding the Role of the Teacher in an EC classroom
  • Languages of Creative Expression: Exploring¬† A Rich Variety of Arts, Crafts, and Natural Materials
  • Slowing Down Time: Making Learning Visible through Documentation
  • Setting Up a Successful Classroom Environment: Intentionality and Practicality